Afro Caribbean Restaurant 's Secondary Target Market

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Afro-Caribbean Restaurant will provide a variety of food services targeting clients ageing between 10-55 years.

3. Geographically

We will primarily target tourists from Africa, Caribbean and Asia.

Afro-Caribbean Restaurant’s secondary target market will be the UK and Manchester’s residents.

There are four types of market segmentation:
a. Demographics variable
b. Psychographics variable
c. Behavioural variable
d. Individual variable.
The one I am going to choose for Afro-Caribbean Restaurant is Behavioural variable because a customer who has bought something from Afro-Caribbean Restaurant and is given a discount coupon or other sales material has witnessed behavioural segmentation. Therefore, do potential customers who visited websites see ads promoting sites they had visited before or individuals who avail themselves of discount coupons for visiting the Afro-Caribbean restaurant. These behaviours have been spotted and targeted since they evidenced interest which may be motivated and otherwise encouraged. Behavioural segmentation is a principal tool for targeting online marketing content, as individuals’ social sharing may be scraped and aggregated into behavioural profiles. The only issue with behavioural targeting is that it is solely a corollary for internal needs alone as it is not an important prediction of future behaviour. It is more reliable when there is a huge amount of information and that is the reason it is seen as a massive data mechanism…
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