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Information Management Compliance. Felicia Ntow Western Governors University Information Management Compliance The hospital’s plan for information management encompasses the full spectrum of data generated and used by the organization in all various departments from housekeeping, laundry services, imaging, and pharmacy through to nursing. In order to provide cost-effective quality services, information must be accurate and communication of the information should be securely transmitted in a timely manner to the appropriate individuals on a need to know basis. Compliance Status The Nightingale Community Hospital current compliance status is not meeting the standards of the Joint Commission. RC.01.01.01 The hospital…show more content…
The hospital as an entity has made available to staff the list of prohibited abbreviations by having a written document to demonstrate to staff what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to use. However, it appears that some staff are still using some unacceptable abbreviations as shown in the NPSG 2 chart at 99.6%. Continuous use of unacceptable abbreviations means that the hospital will continue to see more errors as these abbreviations would be misread/misinterpreted therefore wrong medications or wrong treatments would be provided to patients. Plan for Compliance Planning is the most critical part of the organization’s information management process and requires the collective involvement of all employees of the hospital. Therefore, staff and licensed independent practitioners, selected by the hospital, should participate in the assessment, selection, integration, and use of information management systems for the delivery of care, treatment, and services. Accidents will continue to happen and occur. Be it a near-miss, minor-injury, disabling-injury, or fatality, an accident will happen somewhere, sometime, someplace. The optimum measure to minimize accidents is three-fold, which are education, reinforcement and
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