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December 2, 2013 RAFT Task 1 Executive Summary for Joint Commission Standards Compliance Nightingale Community Hospital is a 180-bed acute care hospital that is a not-for profit entity. The hospital is community based and provides leadership in quality health services in which they provide. Their vision is to be the hospital that people choose, the place employees, physicians and volunteers want to work and a hospital of choice for the community. They are committed to providing a healing environment to their patients with a compassionate commitment to healthcare excellence. The four main areas of focus for the Joint Commission for Nightingale Hospital include Communication, Information Management, Medication Management and Infection…show more content…
The focal points which failed to meet 100% compliance with the Joint Commission were: 1. The hospital safely manages high-alert and hazardous medications. High alert medications as defined by the Joint Commission are “ those medications involved in a higher percentage of errors and/or sentinel events, as well as medications that carry a higher risk for abuse or other adverse outcomes” (Joint Commission on Accreditation, 2013). Hospital has no policy in place. 2. The hospital has failed to place a policy into effect for licensed personnel that address the issue of look-a-like and sound-a-like medications that it stores and dispenses. The Joint Commission requires hospitals to take preventative action to reduce and prevent errors that involve medications that can be interchanged and appear on the list. 3. The Safety Reporting System of the hospital has a policy in place for adverse reactions that state it is a voluntary online reporting. According to Joint Commission Standards an adverse reaction must be directly reported to the primary physician and quality assessment team. 4. Patient care policy of pharmacist review of medications that is in place fails to address the allergic reactions of the patient as the number one priority of the pharmacist. According to the Joint Commission policy all medications ordered must be reviewed for patient allergies or potential sensitivities. 5. The hospital has failed

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