Aft Task 1

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Priority Focus Area: Communication In preparation of a review from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) Nightingale Community Hospital will focus on improving its communication process in the operating room. The purpose of communication in the healthcare setting is to disseminate information in such a way as to create shared understanding about the patient and about what needs to be done for a positive outcome. ( A patient is at his most vulnerable state during procedures that require sedation or anesthesia. The patient is releasing his decision making ability and safety into the control and care of the healthcare team. Therefore, effective communication on behalf of the patient is…show more content…
Patient seen by an anesthesiologist The Joint Commission Standard UP.01.02.01 pertaining to site marking the operative site is also an area that we will focus on prior to our upcoming visit. According to the Joint Commission Guidelines this process should occur with the patient awake and aware. ( Therefore, Nightingale Community Hospital will require that all patients be marked prior to leaving the pre-procedure area. The site marking should be at or near the incision site and marking of any non operative sites or areas is not permitted. The mark should be obvious and unambiguously marked with a YES accompanied by the initials of the marker for identification purposes. ( The mark will be made using a permanent maker that will remain visible after the completion of the skin prep. All cases that involve laterality, multiple structures such as fingers or toes and levels (spine) will be marked. Site marking will not replace special intra-operative radiography or testing but will be performed in conjunction with these tests. ( Site marking will be made by either the surgeon or individuals in a residency program or licensed nurse practitioner or physician assistant
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