Aft Task 3

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AFT Task 3 As our Joint Commission audit approaches, Nightingale Community Hospital has conducted a tracer patient survey to assess our compliance. The tracer methodology tracks a selected patient's care from admission to discharge, allowing us to evaluate our systems of providing care and to ensure that we are meeting the Joint Commissions standards of providing safe, quality healthcare. Our tracer patient was a 67 year old female who presented with a fever and drainage five weeks after an open hysterectomy. She was admitted for a suspected postoperative infection,. She underwent another surgery to treat the abscess that formed from the initial surgery and had a central line inserted for long-term antibiotics. She is scheduled to…show more content…
A random sample of inpatient admission charts will be reviewed by the Chief Nursing Officer to identify the extent of this problem. Chart review and data compilation will be completed within 30 days. 2. Nightingale leadership will update the hand-off policy and form as soon as possible and within 30 days, to include verification that the history and physical is completed prior to the end of shift when patient is admitted. 3. Staff will receive education on the updated policy as well as training on the new hand-off form. Unit supervisors will be responsible for ensuring knowledge and implementation of new procedures. Chief Nursing officer will schedule at least one group training within two weeks after the policy has been updated. Unit supervisors will be available to provide one on one training and answer questions regarding this policy and implementation as needed. 4. Staff will receive written material outlining the role and importance of the history and physical exam in patient care. Signatures acknowledging receipt and understanding of materials will be collected by unit supervisors and submitted to HR to be included in the employees' files. 90 percent of staff will have signed acknowledgment in their employee file within 90 days. Unit supervisors will be responsible for ensuring 100 percent compliance within 180 days. 5. Compliance will be reassessed 90 days
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