Afte After Graduating High School

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Not having a plan for my future can be really messy. In order to reach a short term success, I think that people need to have everything planned, to have goals. As for myself, I have three main steps to reach the goal of mine. As for me, graduating high school is the first crucial step. Since I'm an immigrant, things are a lot more difficult. So, I need be more dedicated and hard working than others my age. As a freshman, I wasn't much of a student, not a hard working one. However, as a sophomore, I started to give it my all. The first thing that I need to have for graduating high school is a decent GPA. For that, I need to have good grades which I have to work for by staying after school, play attention in class, and etc. I also need to take all the class required to complete the A-G requirements. High school credits are needed for the graduation. For me, high school is more about enjoying learning, experiencing new things, and doing/giving my best.…show more content…
However, I need to find a major that fits me before thinking of going to the next step. Just as any other teenager it's unpredicted what will I end up with. So, now I'm in between of two majors that I'm not 100% sure about. I'm in the way of finding a major that I am or will be passionate about. A major that I find myself comfortable with. Feeling comfortable with the major you'll be studying is a huge thing due to it becoming a part of your life. As we get older, making a living will be a crucial part of our lives, It's what we'll be mostly thinking about. So, we need to consider that while searching for the fit major. Also thinking about the future ahead of time to be able to find the perfect
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