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Numerous problems occurred in human relationships are mainly the outcome of miscommunication. We always communicate with other people for whatever reason. We just talk to somebody about something, but we tend not to listen carefully to others. Even when we want to settle our issues, we immerse ourselves in talking about our own without consideration for other people's feelings. Only one word or just listening, sometimes, can work out difficult conversation.
“Seek first to understand and then to be understood” explains that we have dissimilar perceptions, and that we make assumptions about another’s intent. We have to get ourselves in a place where we can listen and really hear how the other person sees a situation, what his/her true intentions are. An open and honest curiosity about the other person, and a willingness and ability to keep the spotlight on them will be needed careful listening in conflict situations (Stone, Patton & Heen, 2010).
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This “yes, and…” stance allows you to recognize that the way you each see things matters, and the way you each feel matters. The “yes, and…” stance assumes that the world is a complex place. You can feel hurt, angry and wronged and they can feel the same. You can be certain you said what you said and they can be just as certain they heard what they heard you say (Stone, Patton & Heen, 2010).
We do not need to blame anyone. We must keep in mind how we contribute to this problem or conflict that we have. The purpose of our conversation in conflict situations is to learn about each other and to work together to be more productive and healthier the next time (Stone, Patton & Heen,
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