After Affects of WWI

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After Affects of WWI WWI was, at its time, the largest and most destructive war planet Earth had ever seen. Some countries lost millions of lives and nearly an entire generation. The war casted the world into massive debt and Europe was almost totally razed. The Allies sought revenge and not so surprisingly, they found it. The Treaty of Versailles stated that Germany must accept total fault for the war. Germany was forced to pay reparation money, which it did not have, to the Allies. This drove Germany into greater debt than any other country in the world. Its population felt wronged and cheated. This series of events led to far reaching consequences, ranging from the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany to the creation of countries such as…show more content…
At this time the World, most likely the allies, should have intervened but the tolls taken by the First World War were seen as too great. France which was almost completely decimated by the war and still in the process of rebuilding from, it was in no condition to raise a military force. However countries such as England, America although it was in the midst of the great depression, the newly formed Soviet Union should have taken action. Sadly they did not as they all thought that the reproductions of the First World War from the aforementioned death tolls to the economic down turns of the world, the major military powers of the world neglected the problem because they were more concerned with the well being of their own counties at the time. Most likely no military action would have been necessary because The Nazi party’s early years consisted of taking tiny little steps toward govt. change and expansion of German borders, poking and prodding waiting for a response and when none came The Nazi Party ran wild. But perhaps the most far reaching consequences were the new border lines that it drew. The new

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