After Careful Examination Of Biblical Texts The Catholic

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After careful examination of Biblical texts the Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is not a sin but rather it is intrinsically disordered. Additionally the church says, homosexuals should practice a life of celibacy . This teaching from the Church causes some religious individuals with same sex attractions to seek opportunities to change their sexual orientation, in order to have a sexual orientation that better matches their religious identity and beliefs. The most popular way to alter sexual orientation is through conversion therapy, a complex process that helps willing homosexuals change their sexual orientation and to find a sense of peace. Some homosexuals seek help to change their sexual orientation through conversion…show more content…
Another type of therapy used is group therapy, which can come in the form of retreats and inpatient care treatments. Group therapy utilizes social support, making it susceptible to patients feeling pressured to change because others want them to . Particularly, religious “ex gay’ ministries use this method of therapy along with religious principles to help their clients. An example of such “ex-gay’ ministry is Exodus International . Currently, the most popular method of conversion therapy uses both religious principles and psychoanalytic therapy. Particularly, current psychodynamic therapy looks at the poorly formed bond with the same sex parent during childhood, which creates the homosexual desire . All the different methods of conversion therapy share the same goal of trying to stop homosexual acts or change the sexual orientation of homosexuals. Whether or not conversion therapy successfully achieves these goals is still debated. Currently, there is debate on whether conversion therapy is effective in changing sexual orientation. Some studies found evidence that conversion therapy does change the sexual orientation of homosexuals . Unfortunately, some of the researchers have apologized to the gay community for lack of credibility and faulty research . In contrast, professional organizations speak out against conversion therapy due to a shortage of evidence that it is successful. One such

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