After Death Informative Speech

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How do you choose the right religion for you? It's come down to the questions you feel it may answer. There is one belief that is going to completely answer those questions. It is supposed to help guide you in the right direction you choose to go. When it comes to the question of the afterlife. This helps oneself to ease the mind of what's to come. The afterlife is a major position that religion strives to answer. This is how they get people to follow. It is something that you will not find out until you leave this earth. So that why it is important for the religion you choose is right for you. Which version of the afterlife that you can see yourself following? Here are a few that you can consider. In Islam, the afterlife is a huge part…show more content…
“Burial in the earth is important because it symbolizes the physical body’s nurturing of the earth” as the earth feed us. Priests and priestesses are not to be cremated. Lucumi believe that being cremated do not nurture the ground as a decomposition body does. Even though the body is dead the energy as known as ache, the person life force will never die. That allows the ancestors to be here always. They believe that the energy is recycled into the earth. The body is pointless once the spirit leave. The spirit becomes “egun” it is something like and guidance angel that help them throughout their lives. The way they talk to egun is a boveda that is set up the house. Their ori or personal density is sent by into the planet in a different form. So the spirit is returned to the person that was born after the department of that person. The idea of hell does not exist, but heaven is said to be life on earth. Even though there is a heaven the ultimate goal is to not spend your endlessness in heaven but, to have a satisfying life on this planet. Afterlife is a never ending recycle of the soul of the people of the lumcrai religion. If they are not in heaven a passing place, they are in a new body on
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