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Kobe Simms 11/10/14 Mr. Horwits Social Science After Hope and Change Chapter 1 Questions Show three facts that illustrate why 2012 was “a fairly narrow victory” for Obama. 1. President Obama had won reelection by a close margin of only 3.85 percent. He earned a rank of 24 out of 30 past elections since the year 1896. 2. President Obama became the only incumbent in history to win reelection while losing vote share. Obama lost vote share in nearly every state during the election. 3. Despite winning reelection, President Obama had joined a group of three other previous incumbents (Eisenhower, Wilson, and Clinton) who had all entered office originally with a united government in their very first term and then won…show more content…
1. The first point made by the authors uses statistics to predict that the Presidential election in 2016 will be a battle for the most swing states. In 2012, Barrack Obama had gained the states that he won in his previous election. These states had also been the same couple states that the last three democratic presidential candidates had also won as well. Romney had also won the states that previous republican candidates had won as well. There were only two states that had changed between the 2008 and 2012 elections. Because of how the republicans have lost the last two presidential elections (including the 2012 elections), they have some serious work to do and they must pull off swinging multiple states in the 2016 elections (something that hasn’t happened in half a century). 2. The second point of the chapter speaks on the changes in demography. In between the years of 2008 and 2012 percentages of the ethnic groups that vote democrat increased very high. These voter increases were very noticeable with an increase in youth support, especially for democrats. Without any explanation the numbers of ethnic races that vote republican dropped. The very republican votes that dropped during the election were surprisingly white males. This made an impression that the youth were in complete support of Obama. This is important because in the future it would seem that they will go on to support the
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