After Hunter had left the keep, he made his way around the keep out of the view of the guards and

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After Hunter had left the keep, he made his way around the keep out of the view of the guards and city streets below, and using the stone and window sills he climbed up the walls, and carefully walked across the tiled roof of the keep as he made his to the keep’s highest point. Where to his surprise was Vaylen sitting on the edge waiting for him a rather concerned look on her face. “Hello brother, I knew you would come here eventually,” said Vaylen not looking over at him as he climbed up, “so how are Amaleh and Ozwin doing?” “Well Lady Amaleh tried to kill me, but Ozwin is safe and that’s all that matters,” Hunter replied looking around at the view, “but something is still niggling at my brain,” he sighed and looked back at Vaylen, “where…show more content…
Hunter chuckled as he began his own descent from the keep he stopped above the keeps entrance as Ozwin walked out of it and began to look nervously around. Hunter simply watched him for moment and realised that he could simply find Ozwin somewhere safe he after all it was because of him Ozwin was here and with this thought he jumped off the roof to land behind Ozwin. “I thought you had left,” Ozwin said looking up at Hunter, “oh no, you’ve got that look again, you are about to try and drag me into one of your little plans again aren’t you?” “I was only going to ask if you’re wanted to go for one last trip,” Hunter said looking at him, “I can only promise it won’t be boring and the chances are things may try to kill us.” Ozwin chuckled, “whenever aren’t they,” he said looking up at him, “you got kings, bounty hunters, assassin and something called bone I ask knowing I may regret it what is trying to kill you this time?” “Walk with me,” Hunter said as he put his hand on Ozwin’s solider and began leading him away from the keep as he began filling Ozwin in on the Undying. “So you are planning a trip to graveyard where the dead may be awake,” Ozwin said as they walked through the streets to the stables, “just to make sure an object of extreme power is still there...did I get that right?” Hunter nodded in response, “you’re insane do you know that?” “Well you said
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