After Paying Close Attention To Both Of My Articles, Wagner

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After paying close attention to both of my articles, Wagner and McDaniel both briefly mentioned addiction and obsessions over social media. To go more indepth of what they were saying, I started to explore how social media addiction can relate to the increase of infidelity in social media relationships. An article published in January of 2017 by Addictive Behaviors, called “The Relationship Between Addictive Use of Social Media, Narcissism, and Self-Esteem: Findings from a Large National Survey” by Cecilie Schou Andreassen and her colleagues argue that narcissism and egotistical behaviors are linked to addiction of social media usage. The authors explain that core self-evaluations can play a role in addictive media use “self-esteem will…show more content…
This scholarly article is filled to the brim with ethos appeals. The works cited list is almost a page long and is very present in the article itself. The authors borrow credibility from their cited list to show that they know what they are talking about and they have the authority. “ANOVA revealed several group differences…” (Andreassen 290).
This article focuses on the social media addiction and narcissistic personality behaviors that can come with it. The first article states that ambivalence about one’s partner can cause an engagement in online infidelity related behaviors “Relationship ambivalence may develop...relationship conflicts or transgressions in the relationship” (McDaniel 89). When one is in a relationship with a narcissist, studies show that the ambivalence is high, and when one has these contradictory thoughts, infidelity related behaviors over the internet are more likely to happen as stated by Andreassen and her associates, “ media may represent a gratifying medium for individuals with elevated narcissistic traits…” (Andreassen 288). To relate, the first article discusses that higher use of social media results in lower partner love time which can lead to lower marital satisfaction. The addictions of social media can also make marital satisfaction low because the time spent on the internet rather than one’s partner can cause romantical issues “...addictive social
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