After Reading The Arkansas Code Of Ethics, I Will Now Have

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After reading the Arkansas Code of Ethics, I will now have an idea of how to model my teaching career in positive way. Because of my Christian raising, I have a sense of strong morals and values. Throughout my life, I have tried to set high standards of morals for myself. Wanting to be a teacher is just one way that I can become a better person; I want to help raise the next generation of people to be good, productive members of society. Being entrusted with the welfare of children is a great responsibility, which should not be taken for granted. The Standards from the Arkansas Code of Ethics which I chose to write about are Standards One, Two, Four, and Eight. Arkansas Code of Ethics, Standard One, states, “An educator maintains a…show more content…
A professional relationship with a student can allow the opportunity to get to know students better, but, strictly for academic purposes only. I feel that a teacher must always present his or herself in a professional manner. Maintaining a professional relationship is just one way for a teacher to be professional. Standard Two of the Arkansas Code of Ethics states, “An educator maintains competence regarding his or her professional practice inclusive of skills, knowledge, dispositions, and responsibilities relating to his or her organizational position.” I fell this may be the most important task for a teacher. As the history of teaching has shown, teaching, as a career, is dynamic. While some practices of teaching may go in and out of style; for the most part, methodologies and theories of teaching will constantly change. Sometimes, the changes occur with the generations. Being able to adapt your teaching style for what is needed can make the difference between being a low-quality teacher and a high-quality teacher. As a teacher I will stay competent on my skills and knowledge by learning new ways to teach children. I will not become a teacher who instructs a certain way because that is the way that I have always taught. My disposition in the classroom will change with the environment of the classroom. Depending on the class’ temperament, I may need to be more upbeat or low key. I will all

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