After The Recent Election, Society Is More Concerned About

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After the recent election, society is more concerned about immigrants that are entering the United States. Almost everyday media is covering a new story about immigrants. There are a lot of mix feelings about the news provided. Some agree with anti-immigration policies and some not. Illegal immigration has a massive impact on the United States economy, natural resource and the national health system. Sending these people back require a lot of funds and time. The media and people are focused on illegal immigrants more than ever but, they are not considering the issue on one million legal immigrants that are entering the United States every year.

Every year the United States issues one million Permanent Resident Cards (Green Card). The
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The majority of these data are biased to different political view.

This idea about legal immigration started with a group called NumbersUSA. The NumbersUSA is an immigration reduction organization that tries to reduce US immigration levels to pre-1965 levels without a country of origin quotas as established in the Immigration Act of 1924. NumbersUSA holds the idea that we should help the people where they live instead of letting them coming into the United States. NumbersUSA was founded by Roy Beck while he worked for anti-immigration environmental activist John Tanton. Since the start, NumbersUSA has grown aggressively. In 2004, it reported 50,000 members. In 2007, it claimed its website had 1.5 million visitors. The organization currently claims as of December 2016 8 million member activists. They only receive donations, and in 2016 fiscal year they raised almost 3.43 million dollars. They consider that "The KEY FACTOR in immigration policy is choosing the right number of authorized immigrants for future years. To choose a lower number does not imply anything negative about the immigrants already here legally in this country. We 're talking about the future annual level of immigration that is best for both native-born U.S. citizens and foreign‐born U.S. citizens alike"(Roy Beck, NumbersUSA). They are working with both liberals and conservatives to reduce the number of immigrants entering the United
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