After Trump's Persuasive Speech

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I watched Obama's, Trump's and Clinton's speeches after Trump won- I thought they were all great and took away something from each of them.
--Now, because some are not happy with who won the election, we protest, have a tantrum because your upset? How does this fix things? I teach my kids, when I say NO it's NO, do they have a fit sometimes sure their kids, they didn't get their way! So what I'm reading and seeing on TV is the young generation doing just that- they didn't get their way and their throwing a fit or tantrum like their 6 again. Well, I find their actions appalling, your putting so much effort into complaining put your effort into your job, school work, sports, volunteering for a cause of your choice, help a needy family, carry an old ladies grocery bag to the car, just do something positive for everyone and most for your self! Stop the anger, stop teaching that protesting is ok, it's not- in fact your taking more and more First Responders from their family's, to
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Move forward positively with dignity for all mankind.
---one thing I said after Obama got elected to my husband was " crap, there goes our country, he'll never be my President!" Jason said to me ( sternly) " just because you don't like him, you will respect him as a human and as your President and you will show our kids the same way!" Jason in fact was completely correct, I did respect Obama as the President, even if I didn't like him, I respected him. I had to dig to find what he was going to do that I could side with.
--- So instead of protesting, ruining your city, unite for the better good of all mankind and make a difference in a positive way, it's so simple, try it I dare you! We all know it will help soften the anger, lesson the blow and move towards putting your efforts to the good in all
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