After Watching The Video, I Noticed Where, Especially In

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After watching the video, I noticed where, especially in the beginning, I seemed to stuttered a little bit. I remember right in the moment this happening and how my heart-rate was fast. As a whole, I feel my tone of voice was very good and on par with second grade. Generally, I usually don’t think about my tone of voice too often because I have always been told that I have a good voice that carries, so it comes pretty natural; as it seemed to do throughout the lesson. In terms of body language, I did see myself pace some and this usually happens undenounced to me at the time, and is almost always due to nerves. I think I did well with the rest of my body language however, especially in terms of my hand gestures. If I were to do this…show more content…
As discussion began I felt that it was going well, I was so worried prior that no one would participate at all because they had already done the lesson that I just went with it. Looking back, I would hope in the future that I would ask students to explain further in their thinking, and not just except their initial explanations. I had thought I was doing this but there were a few instances when someone would describe the action as, for example, popping pop-corn and I would just leave it at that. I hope that with practice I can probe discussion and student responses more to allow students to feed off one another’s answers and expand. In terms of the talk moves that I did well on, I did great with including partner talk, but again hope to be more active in this piece in the future. I also did well at repeating student responses, this seemed to be the most natural. I thought I did better with asking students why they thought a specific way and what they could do better; I hope to continue to better myself in this regard. Though my talk-moves and discussion tactics stilled need to be improved, I was proud that my planning of incorporating vocabulary terms in a grade-level appropriate manor seemed to pay off. This is something that is normally the first type of thing I forget in a lesson demonstration, and I was proud I seemed to do this successfully. In the future, I can only hope to be able to comfortably add more terminology when appropriate as I become more
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