After Working As A Senior Software Developer For Past 7

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After working as a senior software developer for past 7 years at Infosys, one of the largest Indian IT company, my quest to gain an advance knowledge has made me think to return to the graduate school. A desire to learn has no limits and I buckled up to put the pursuit of dreams into perspective. I was always fascinated since my 8th grade, how a DOS command can write my name, how a 1.44MB floppy size can store the documents, how a CD can play a music through computer and how I can use copious colors on my computer screen without getting my hands colored and many more. I knew I cannot get away from it and then as I kept progressing through my grades, usage of computer and technology never ceased to amaze me. World started being…show more content…
This helps in utilizing time for more fruitful work than waiting at the bus stop. The prototype was built in Java at server side and C++ on the client side which was a Symbian OS cell phone during 2007.
My profound interest in the field of computers got me a job in Infosys Limited. The six months of training at the Infosys training facility helped me to further my knowledge in the fields of Computer Science. Training incorporated a strong foundation in the various disciplines of computer science at an advanced level. Not only I learnt different technical aspects of computer science ranging from operating systems to database management, but I also learned the skills of being a team player and how to manage project timelines with cost effectiveness. I cleared my training with GPA of 4.7 out of 5. Post completion, I got to work with in the real time projects which marked the transition from a college graduate to a software professional. Working at INFOSYS has been both challenging and a rewarding experience. Working at Infosys I have been part of different projects with different technologies which has helped to broaden my spectrum of knowledge. My majority of work has been for Digital Domain practice in Infosys for Apple Inc. Here I got an opportunity to work in extremely challenging and time critical projects.

I developed a tool to monitor the critical business related workloads of application servers, database servers,
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