After coming to America Essay

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After coming to America All people seem to want the same basic things out of life regardless of race or religion. Universally, people want a good job, a healthy family, and a chance for their children to have a better life than the one they have. Families that already possess these things, whether through their own hard work or merely by way of inheritance, rely on the existing power structures within society to ensure that their future happiness continues . But what do people who do not belong to existing power structures turn to in order to secure these things for their families and children? During the course of America's lifetime, million upon millions of people left their homes and families in other countries and traveled to…show more content…
While many rights were now theirs, "one common, significant change was that slave families ... could now live together" (Foner 7). Blacks could now join together and work toward a better future, just like all other Americans could. Because of the active participation of the federal government, laws were passed so that former slaves could enjoy the benefits of the freedom just awarded to them. In South Carolina, blacks demanded "access to all the opportunities and privileges enjoyed by whites" (14). Black delegations in North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia and Tennessee all struggled to "secure blacks a modicum of justice in the local courts" (15). Schools were set up to educate the former slaves. Laws were passed that extended the rights of property ownership and the vote. Businesses were started and churches were built. All of the rights enjoyed by all other Americans were finally beginning to be enjoyed by these former slaves. But these gains were temporary. White southerners, accustomed to making the decisions for blacks, resented this new power base, and quickly came to see these new leaders as "insolent boors indulging in legislative license, lording it over downtrodden whites, looting the public treasury..." ( Burns 23). When a political agreement was made that required that
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