After the Mayflower Essay

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Paper 1
Part 1: At the start of the film After the Mayflower: We Shall Remain, the English and the Native Americans celebrated the first Thanksgiving together in 1621. Both groups of people seemed trusting of each other and showed personal respect. At this time the Wampanoag Indians had the power and chose to use it to form a treaty with the weak English Pilgrims. The two groups shared everything and traded their assets with each other. As the film continued there was an obvious change in power to the English with more and more Puritan immigrants from Europe arriving. By the end of the movie the English decided to use their power to control all lands instead of keeping the treaty with the native people. The English “thanksgiving” at
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Many Indians chose to convert out of fear with assurance by the English that they would be provided with physical security. Physical security was taken from the Christian Native Americans after King Phillip’s War. All of the Native Americans living in the English controlled prayer towns were sold into slavery. Throughout the end of the film I noticed that the English used the Native Americans to their convenience. They continued to honor the treaty until they had found enough power to wipe out the Indians. As the Wampanoag tribe still held their ground, the English were willing to have peace with the Indians but only if they converted to Christianity. After all non-Christian Native Americans were wiped out; the English no longer saw a purpose to keeping the Christian Native Americans around. At their convenience, they sold the remaining Native Americans into slavery.

Part 2: The Pueblo Indians lived in the area of America that is now named New Mexico. Just like the Wampanoag Indians in Massachusetts, the Pueblo Indians tied spirituality to the land they lived on. Their creation story shows some of the spiritual bonds to their land. “…With the aid of Badger and Locust, the sisters climbed though a hole in the ground and at once created the mountains, lakes, and canyons of Pueblo country” (Sando 22). Since the Pueblos believed that their people had actually
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