Aftermath Of School Shooting: Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School

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Aftermath Of School Shooting On December 14, 2012 the attack on our school at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School indicated that this is a mandatory action that we have to bring to our attention especially when dealing with our students. After this shooting, majority of our students and their families still feel that they are threatened and that their lives are in danger. As the school principle I would like to discuss our plan on how to cope with current students, professors, families, and the other members who experienced the incident and try our best to help them overcome this tragic that took place. It will be very interesting to work with survived students for them to be able to trust us and to talk over our plans to…show more content…
With patience, time and with the procedure that I have set up, I believe that we can get back on track. We will start of by making our security our top priority. We will be reevaluating on our assessment plans to identify strategies and solution that will be the best for our schools and district. Once our plans are updated, schools administrators must strictly enforce any new safety and security policies. We will find ways to finance on improving on our school security. We will build a great bond with our local enforcement to help us better secure our area. As well as local police and fire departments, emergency responders, hospitals. Also, encouraging parents to get involved because with them kids will be very comfortable to talk to them about their fears and learn ways in resolve their problem without a chance of using violence. Also, to remind parents that to make sure that if firearms are in the home that they are securely hidden and accounted for. There will also be a hotline and a website that our students and teachers can contact if they want to anonymously report suspicious activities. Sometime as a parent you may be struggling with how to talk with your children about a shooting rampage. It is important to remember that children look to their parents to make them feel safe. Consider the following tips for helping your children manage their distress. When we talk to our children about their worried and concerns that is the

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