Ag And Hsashare Similar Function Of The Heterogeneity Of Glyg?

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disease state this value can exceed upto 3.0 mg/ml. AAG and HSAshare similar values of association constant. similar to Hsaconstitutes a single polypeptide chain of 181 amino acids. AAG could exist in multiple isoforms within different individuals. Around 42% of the molecular weight of AAG is heterogenous carbohydrate composition, which constitutes 5 asparagine linked branched glycan chains which contains approximately 11% sialic acid. N-linked gycans resulting extensive gycosyalation gives protein a negative charge at neutral ph and also increases its water solubility,The protein structure contains. 21% α-helix and 21% β-sheet. The carbohydrate group of AAG does not affect conformation of the protein component. The physiological function…show more content…
GLOBULINS There are various plasma globulins which have been identified in the blood plasma
1) Α1 globulin: also known as transcortin. It binds to a number of steroidal drugs such as cortisone and prednisone so also known a corticosteroid binding globulin
2) A2 globulin: also known as ceruloplasmin. It generally binds to vitamins A, D, E and K and also to cupric ions.
3) Β1 globulin: also known as transferrin and it binds to ferrous ions.
4) B2 globulin: it binds to carotinoids.
5) Y-globulin: It generally binds to antigens.


Many successful methods to measure the degree of plasma protein binding of drugs have been derived. All these method work by physically separating the unbound drug from the bound drug and calculating the relative fractions.
Some beneficial techniques to measure plasma protein binding are:
a) Equilibrium dialysis
b) Ultrafiltration
c) Ultracentrifugation
d) Microdialysis
e) Gel filtration
f) Circular dichroism
g) Microspheres of albumin
There are some other techniques also which are utilized to a lesser extent such as micro-extraction and optical biosensors such that they could be used for highly protein bound drugs. None of the methods could be judged as superior over others as all these methods possess some advantages as well as disadvantages.


It is a well accepted and a popular metod used in PPB measurement. This
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