Against Abortion Essay

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Against Abortion
Abortion has been one of the many controversial topics being an issue in America, and it has been in some parts of world today. People say that abortion is big business, meaning that today it can give America lots of money for all the young girls getting pregnant and making them abort., a site managed by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, says that there are 750,000 teen pregnancies annually in America. Some of these pregnancies occur because either there was a rape, peer pressure, or because of television influence. All these cases make abortion hard to resolve, and make people be on one side of the issue according to what they have experienced or heard.
Pro-choice people,
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Doctors that do abortions don’t have a good heart, all they think is about money. Like doctor Parson, many doctors are in the same line. They don’t care what people say, all they care is for the money and that women don’t change their mind. Pro-life women know the “fetus” is not a cartilage bone doll, but it is a true human being. According to, Nina Whitten chief secretary at an abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas says that she was trained to do telephone merchandise. When a young girl will call for help she will convince her to abort at their clinic, and try to prevent from the girl from changing her mind on aborting.
People against abortion say that the “fetus” is a baby and not a non-human. Dr. Randall says in October’s New Dimensions magazine that women are not aloud to view their ultrasounds because they will see the heartbeat of the child and would change their minds on aborting. This people don’t see or don’t hear, so they lack this information. When the woman is pregnant and wants to get rid of, she is thinking of what she did, and how to solve it. Abortion looks like it is the answer to this problem she got into, but she does not see that she has life in her womb. A doctor at KMC in Bakersfield, Dr. Mark Amin says that at 7 days of pregnancy the blood of the mother flows into the so called fetus and starts to make it function. The blood starts to circulate in the fetus and out to the mother and so
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