Against Abortion

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Even though abortion is legal in the United States, many states are fighting to make it illegal. Abortion is a divided topic of who is for it and who is against it. Many protesters all over the United States are against abortions and many are for it. There have been recorded violations and threats against abortion clinics and to the personnel. For example, people have made vandalism attacks against abortion clinics and physical attacks against the workers. Abortion is still an ongoing debate throughout the United States, and it is still protested because some people think it is a women's choice ,but abortion is against some religions. Abortions for women should remain legal because of the health risks, the cost of caring for a child, the genetic diseases a child might have, and the psychological trauma of keeping an unwanted child from a violent relationship. To begin with, abortion should remain legal because of the health risks for women. Abortion is eleven times safer than giving birth today (Anderson 1). Even with today's advanced medical technology, giving birth has more risks than having an abortion. Pregnant women who are teenagers, unmarried, or over thirty-five years old have the most negative health and social consequences of being pregnant (Anderson 1). Women thirty-five and older have more of a chance of having health problems and their baby also might have health issues. An estimate of Santee 2sixty percent of pregnancies are planned worldwide (Lee and
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