Against Animal Cloning

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In this case, a primary animal could go literally extinct because of how humans are either invading their environment or even killing them. Animals are less likely to survive as clones. Animals should not be cloned because there is no guarantee of having a perfect clone, there might be an extinction of the primary animal, and there is a similarity in humans and animals. Cloning involves extracting DNA from a living animal and placing it into surrogate mothers who will carry the clone pregnancy. This is unnatural, and can lead to complications to the mother because of this process. There is always a high risk when cloning animals, abnormalities can occur, deformations are possible, and there is no guarantee that both the surrogate and the clone will live a healthy life or provide as healthy and hearty livestock. Cloning reduces the chances of an animal living a longer and healthier life like a natural-born animal. So many things could go wrong when it comes to cloning. We have seen examples of this in movies such as Jurassic Park. In the film of Jurassic Park, they though it would be a great idea to bring back dinosaurs that are harmless so they could benefit science and we could learn about our past. Once the dinosaurs…
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