Essay on Against Bilingual Education

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Mary Ann Carrillo What is bilingual education? Bilingual education is a term that describes the different kind of educational program such as English as a Second Language. This program is taught in their native language. “For example, young children might be taught to read in their native language of Spanish; they are transitioned to English-only instruction when their English is proficient enough to ensure success.” ( Since 1960, there was a controversy in the public school to have bilingual education. The bilingual education programs have promise students a good education in their native language, so they won’t fall behind in their schoolwork.…show more content…
I feel that the children will get confuse. “They feel, to begin with that part of the confusion around bilingual education program is their different meanings in different states.” ( I believe that children who doesn’t speak English won’t master English language, they will end up having low score in test and will prove that education is failing in their native and as well as their second language. The best way to educated English language is to put them in an English language class. “They argue that allowing and even encouraging students to learn in their primary language is expensive and does not expose them to enough English become proficient quickly.” ( In some cases it may be expensive for school to deliver the instruction in different language. “There is a dearth of classrooms that can accommodate students who require instruction in both English and their native language.” ( People expected students to sit together in a classroom, age don’t matter but variations in the
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