Against Gun Rights: An Argumentative Essay

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Gun Rights 1-Introduction This paper argues the hypothesis that "guns are dangerous and maybe some terrorists will use these guns to kill in order to be in power". There are lots of persons, corporations and bureaucrats and those who advocate gun rights who are in total agreement with free flow of arms. This paper sets out to show why this is very dangerous. Those who do not agree with these propositions would find ample material to question their views. Thus in length the hypothesis that is sought to be proved is: "Free availability of arms and arming nations that are troubled will lead to escalation of terrorism and threats both aboard and at home in the US" The background Beginning with the recent developments in the Middle East the point can be made. Sometime in 2010, Saudi Arabia negotiated a "$30-60 billion arms package with the USA that would give the country 84 F-15 Strike Eagles and F-15A-D fighters, upgrades for another 70 planes, about 132 UH-60 Black Hawk utility and AH-64 attack helicopters, and armaments to equip them." (Defence Industry Daily, Saudi Shopping Spree: F-15s, Helicopters & More) While the Arabian state increases and are upgrading their air and missile defenses using American equipment, and will result in the country's air and ballistic missile defense improvements, the question is what would the other more radical countries of the Middle East do, especially Iran. This would give an opportunity for Iran to escalate arms spending and buy
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