Essay on Against Illegal Downloading

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Against Illegal Downloading

At the dawn of the internet, many things such as books and text became obsolete, due to insufficient monitoring of internet activity and sites. Individuals were able to gain free access to books and publications that normally needed to be bought, or required a fee. This is something that has caused problems for booksellers and publishers. Now, as technology advances, it also begins the decline of music, software, and television industries—but something can be done before it’s too late. Illegal downloading is a problem that affects us all, either directly or indirectly. Many people do not take it too seriously. They have not realized that it is an epidemic; like a disease that keeps growing as people become
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People need to be aware that what they are doing is wrong and is just like walking into a store and stealing it off a store shelf.

It’s not only the music industry that’s being affected, this “epidemic” also spreads into the movie industry, which spends millions to entertain us, computer software companies, the ones that make the programs that we use at home and work and make our lives easier. Even publishers of books and magazines are being affected. People take magazines and books and scan every page of it on to their computer as a picture image and distribute it freely. Since people now have the option to download music, movies, or software for free online, they will not buy the retail products anymore, therefore driving the profits and income down for companies selling these products. If all of this keeps up, America and the rest of the world will soon lose many of the companies that provide them with essential programs, entertainment, music, books, and magazines.

If the music industry is not successful in stopping the illegal transfer of music, then they will start compensating for their loses by raising the price of the music for commercial users. This includes music that is in movies, video games, radio, or used on TV. If their prices are raised to use song in a movie or TV show, theaters and
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