Against Public Funding for Artistic Endeavor: A Persuasive Essay

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Public funding for artistic endeavor rises much emotion in the supporters and detractors of this notion. While there are logical arguments for the standpoint of having our elected officials determined what is worthy of being classified as public art I stand against this principle for various reasons. The purpose of this essay is to compare the benefits of this tradition of publicly supporting the arts, while persuading the reader not to accept this practice of having any significant impact on American culture or society While the objective and goals of society are often subjective and rarely unanimously endorsed, art serves as something higher if not more righteous than other publicly supported projects. The difficulty in defining art makes this position that much harder to approach due to the capacity of any situation, medium or thing being instantly transformed into artistic expression simply by adding some artistic flair. Life itself could be considered an art form and the human navigation of its experiences serves as a piece of artwork to be cherished, hated or merely just contemplated. Art is indeed very important and provides much value to society. For this reason it is best to keep governmental involvement out of the art scene. Gillesspie, (2012) used more standard arguments against such a practice when commented that " governments everywhere are dead broke. Not just a little light on cash until the next payday, but up to their eyeballs in hock for generations to

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