Essay about Against Standardized Testing

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There seems to be a dilemma in the educational system. In order to receive funding, a school system has to test its students annually.
These tests are supposed to measure the progress of the students and the school system. But what is really measured with these scores? What do they really mean? Should children be tested as frequently as they are? And most importantly, should the ability to pass on to another grade or to graduate from high school be based on only one test? With so many questions arising from these tests, the answer is to take a stand against them.
Perhaps a brief history will provide a better understanding of the standardized testing system. In the 1980’s, the National Governors Association pushed for states to
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Third graders are already feeling the strain of these tests, and they have barely begun their education and the tests that are sure to come with it. The road to high school, graduation, college, and a job is now paved with tests. If third graders are burnt out, how are they going to do well on the tests that are to come? If we have already tested kids so much by the third grade that they are crying, this should say something. Sure, that school will get its funding, but at what price to its students?
Unfortunately, largely due to the enormous success of such tests in
Texas, the push has not let up. The state has been made an example. The
Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills has apparently shown an increase in students’ scores. However, the same CNN documentary reported that in Austin High School, of the 9th grade class made up of
1,160 students, less than 300 of them were in 10th grade the following year
(Quindlen 1). It has been reported that kids are purposely held back so that their performance won’t bring down the tests that are to be administered the next year. Two things strike me here. First of all, it is intolerable that children are held back solely because their school does not want to perform lower on the standardized test. In that instance, standardized testing has jeopardized a student’s future and that student hasn’t even had to take
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