Against Surveillance

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There are two values conflicting each other: national security and privacy of human rights. A controversial issue with those two values has got a lot of attention from the world. We found a case reflecting our topic; Snowden case. In that case indiscriminate surveillance were revealed by a man from inside. Some criticize him, but some support him. Through debates we have been at against indiscriminate surveillance. Surveillance by intelligence agencies violates human rights because of over-controlling, intended fear by government, and privacy as noble value.
Nowadays we are against over-control violating the civil rights and becoming hidden from public monitoring beyond the genuine purpose what it was created for: To protect the population from terrorist attacks Greenwald (2015). US is one of the countries that more overcontrolling generates over its citizens own and foreign people across the world. They started surveillance programs, with the aims to gather tremendous amount of information and conduct surveillance
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(Cyber-privacy? or cyber-surveillance? Legal responses to fear in cyberspace, 2014) There are two kinds of surveillance, one military-security. It mindset leads to the perception of cyberspace as militarised space and application of notions such as cyber-war. Another one is liberal-security; mindset generates a more balance approach to the needs of national security, versus the privacy of individual. Also, it illustrates an issue which is taking children's photography at school could cause danger. Citizens have rights to protect their privacy, nobody wants their information lost. Surveillance make citizens sleep with eyes open, they fear about governments steal their privacy. This threat is not easy to deal with, either real world and
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