Against The War Essay

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Against The War

I began exercising my rights as an American citizen in earnest when I was 12 years old. During lunchtime at school, a few kids in my class placed thumbtacks on my teacher’s chair (an old trick). She was understandably very upset when she sat on them. Not having DNA and fingerprint testing at her disposal, Ms. Hana issued the ultimatum that unless those who had committed the act came forward, she would be forced to punish the whole class. We had until the end of the day to produce the guilty persons. The next day Ms. Hana came in and said that we would all be facing detention that day since she had not managed to find out whodunit. I raised my hand and respectfully said that I was sure I was voicing the opinion of
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They live under an authoritative military regime that harbors a mass murderer and so they must pay. I quietly raise my hands above my head as well. I am just as guilty as they are. I live in the country that harbored Timothy McVeigh. I gave taxes that paid for his education. I too am guilty by association.

I am silent. My heart is too heavy to say anything. The gravity that pulls me down to the ground with my knees up against my chin, pulls the tears from my eyes. You see, the Afghani people are not silent. It is hard to keep a hungry child quiet. It is hard to silence the cries of a mother who has buried yet another child who has died of thirst. I look at the tears falling into my hands. I wonder if tears can be collected for drinking.

I write not about religion, nor do I write about the guilt or innocence of a man who was never given a trial to begin with. If I did write about such topics I would be writing in vain since I am no “expert on terrorism” like the journalists Steve Emerson and Judith Miller* who so insightfully saw the “fingerprints” of “Islamic Fundamentalism” mere minutes after the tragic Oklahoma City Bombing. I cannot claim to have the same sense of justice as our former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who concluded that half a million dead Iraqi children is “a price worth paying”.

So I choose instead to write of something that must stir any heart that rests in a human body. My grandmother is a

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