Against Tobacco Essay

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Against Tobacco “How-To” suicide kits are readily available all across the country. They are inexpensive and easy to purchase at the young age of eighteen! Sounds ridiculous, right? Maybe. Maybe not. I am referring to tobacco products. They are among some of the top selling products in our country, and a large contributor to our cancer epidemic. Disturbingly enough, the government does nothing to prevent it! Tobacco products have been scientifically linked to cause life-threatening illnesses for their users and anyone around them. Studies show the large impact that these products…show more content…
When the filters are so carelessly thrown out of the car, or tossed on the corner of a sidewalk, the chemicals from these non-biodegradable butts absorb into the ground. Giovanni Invernizzi, of the Tobacco Control Unit of Italy's National Cancer Institute, put forth a study to see just how much air pollution is produced from tobacco. The results were unbelievable! According to the study, just three cigarettes can cause more air pollution than the exhaust from a diesel car! The study compared levels of air pollution particles produced by cigarettes with those coming from a late-model "eco-diesel" engine. Microscopic particles in the air, known as fine particulate matter, measure less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter, around the same measurements of smoke particles from cigarettes. The study showed that the particles from the cigarettes produced up to ten times the amount of particle pollution as the automobile (Smoking- Air Pollution). Tobacco is already widely known for its possible health risks, but its newly found factor in air pollution has come as a shock to all. "Even health personnel are often unaware of such risks," Giovanni Invernizzi stated. Commonly referred to as “cancer sticks” or “death dipping”, tobacco products can definitely be associated closely with harmful
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