Against Women in Combat Units: An Argumentative Essay

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Should women serve in combat units? Introduction It is my opinion that the ability and training of women in the military should be the base of the decision of where and how women serve in the military; rather than gender aspects. In the recent years, the subject of human rights has been the elimination of many media and public discussions. The key topic in the discussions is equality treatment and handling between the two genders. Several policies within the constitution define the expectations of law on each gender (Field & John 7). The societal setting and upbringing also has its impacts on the behavior of each gender and the perception that the genders have for each other. The American culture takes pride in the practices of democracy and justice for every person; however, this may not apply to all people. Initial thoughts on gender issues Currently, among the issues that affect the subject of democracy are the problems of the modern day gender roles. The issue epitomized in the years after the war of the 1950s. The women abandoned the initial works they used to do, such as being a homemaker. Today, they are extremely degrading themselves in their pursuit to achieve the so-called- gender equality (Pennington 26). They let themselves drink from the pot of hard headedness in believe that they can manage the activities that their male counterparts perform. I do not dispute that their fight to attain certain privileges are beneficial to them and the society. However,

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