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In Aeschylus’ Agamemnon there are many different opinions about what kind of king and commander Agamemnon was. Some argued that he was good, while others dispute that his motives were wrong. Clytemnestra, Agamemnon’s wife, gained a strong hatred for him, after he sacrificed his own daughter so he could go to war. Many believe that this was not necessary and could have been overcome. The chorus seems to agree with this to an extent, and feels that Agamemnon could have prayed and requested that he not sacrifice his daughter.
     Clytemnestra, after Agamemnon was at war for a few years, began to cheat on Agamemnon with his cousin, Aegisthus. When the two got word of Agamemnon’s return from Troy they began to plot
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Then, contradicting what he said, he walks on the carpet. Clytemnestra knew he was very proud, and knew that he would walk on the carpet if provoked. She knew that by saying “If Priam had won as you have, what would he have done?”(935) would cause Agamemnon to commit an ultimate act of hubris, an act of mortal pride or arrogance.
     Clytemnestra knew that Agamemnon was a very weak person and could easily be provoked into doing wrong. The Chorus, made up of mainly older, more respected men in Argos, didn’t know Agamemnon as well. They seemed to focus on the fact that Agamemnon was able to sacrifice his daughter without a second thought as to whether the prophecy was right or wrong. Many of them seemed to think that it was a selfish act, and that it could have been prevented. Aeschylus seems to express through the chorus that he himself felt that Agamemnon was wrong in his decision to kill his daughter for the sake of war, he wrote “her supplications and her cries of father / were nothing, nor the child’s lamentation / to kings passioned for battle” (228-230). This shows that it was a self-centered act to sacrifice his daughter for battle.
     Although Agamemnon seemed to be very self-centered according to Clytemnestra and the chorus, he seemed to be very respectable to other warriors. Because he was a king he already had much prestige and with him being the commander of the Greek armies while
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