Agar Cube Lab Report

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Biology Lab Report Investigating the Relationship between Cell Size and Rate of Diffusion Ban Madi 11 Dp Biology SL Research Question: How does the size of the cell affect its efficiency in exchanging substances through several ways, like diffusion? Aim: To plan and carry out an investigation to show the relationship between volume/Cm3, surface area, and diffusion using agar cubes measured in time/s; and to demonstrate, using diffusion, why the size of cells is limited, keeping the room temperature and pressure constant. Hypothesis: I expect to find that when the surface area to volume of a cell reaches a certain level, diffusion alone won't be able to supply…show more content…
Conclusion: The experiment proved my hypothesis correct that as the size of the Agar cube grows larger; the diffusion rate will be slower therefore taking up more time. The cubes were put into hydrochloric acid and left by, in order to exchange materials through diffusion, as a sample of cells in real life. As we can see the cube with the largest surface area and volume has the smallest surface area to volume ratio. If the surface area to volume ratio gets too small, then the substances won’t be able to enter the cell fast enough to fuel the reactions, because the surface area controls the rate of the exchange of materials while as the volume grows larger it will need more materials to enter and exit, in a more quicker rate, therefore waste products will start to accumulate within the cell as they will be produced faster than they can be excreted. In addition, the cells will not be able to lose heat fast enough and so may overheat. This was concluded from the experiment, where as the Agar cube dimension were larger, the rate of diffusion was much smaller from the Agar cube with the smaller dimension, where the last had a larger V: SA ratio than the larger cube. Errors and Improvements: Error Improvement Parallax error, resulting in a misreading in volume. This is caused by reading the volume readings from an angle, thus to
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