Agar Lab Report

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Introduction: Agar is a polymer made up of subunits of the sugar galactose, its also a part of the cell walls of several species of red algae that are found in eastern Asia and California. Agar is dissolved in boiling water and cooled, because of this laboratory agar looks gelatinous. Other less well-known uses include serving as a thickening for soups and sauces, in jellies and ice cream, in cosmetics and for clarifying beverages. Agar is used for culturing bacteria, its more beneficial than regular jello because it wont be eaten by bacteria and Agar is more stronger and firmer.

Diffusion is one of the most important processes that happens in a cell because it is used to transport matter like molecules, nutrients, water, oxygen, and cellular waste through the cell membrane. In the
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The students then place the cut and measured Agar cubes in 3 separate beakers of the NaOH at the same exact time.
A timer is used to keep track of the time and the Agar cubes must stay in the beaker for 8 minutes.
Once the eight minutes are done the students must remove the Agar cubes and place them on a cutting board and cut into it using the scalpel.
Once cut, they can measure the rate of diffusion by using a ruler.
Repeat the steps again for the measurements of 3 cm3 but use 60mL of NaOH, and for the 5 cm3 the students must use 80 mL of the NaOH.

Risk Assessment:
The risk assessment in this lab revolves around lab safety. The students must be wearing their gloves and aprons at all time to be careful with the Agar and to not spill the NaOH on their school uniforms. Also while cutting the Agar Cubes they must carefully and cautiously avoid directing the scalpel towards their fingers or wave the scalpel around in the direction of their classmates. If the Agar is not measured correctly this could leave a huge flaw in the
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