Agatha Christie : Appearance And Reality

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Agatha Christie: Appearance and Reality The ‘philosophes’ or the great thinkers of the 18th century were confronted with the repercussions of the Scientific Revolution and their seeming incompatibility with the old model of theological interpretation of the world. For the first time, philosophers like Voltaire, Denis Diderot, and Baron d’Holbach promoted a belief in materialism, in appropriating to the people the ability to examine and observe the laws of the universe for themselves. By empowering people to come to their own conclusions, the Scientific Revolution prompted the issue of reality and appearance, of the two level theory, as people struggled to reconcile the underlying scientific image of the world they discovered with the manifest level of everyday life (Bonevac 8409284023842039842398). HOW DO YOU FIND A PAGE NUMBER IN KINDLE Crime fiction or detective fiction, to be more specific, is a testimony to the disconnect between the manifest level and the scientific level. The detective’s role in the story is to puzzle out the scientific level of the mystery in order to comprehend the manifest, to reveal through systematic reasoning the dynamics of different relationships within society and derive the motivation for characters’ actions with close scrutiny and evidence. In the case of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie, the detective Hercule Poirot extolls the “employ[ment] of your little grey cells” (Christie 226). Poirot seems to very much ascribe to
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