Age And Crime Relationship Chart

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Fengguang Lin Research proposal Age and crime relationship In an age and crime relationship chart, we can see that some population involved in crimes tends to climax in age of adolescence or early stage of adulthood. Then, it declines at the same rate with age. I am really wonder is age plays a crucial role for people who committed crime? I want to focus on when a person in a certain age, what will be some reason for the person to commit crimes. Is this universal or can be said similar crimes regardless of location and historical context. What are some variations in this topic. The article “Age and the Explanation of Crime” by Hirschi and Gottfredson’s (1983) has pointed out several points on the relationship between age and crimes. First, it is important that they claimed age and crime chart is invariant among many factors, such as; cultural, social, time and space. This argument brought methodological, theoretical, and practical considerations in criminal justice system. Second, authors suggested that there were no any criminology theories could explain the age crime relationship. For example, a social factor explained that if a man get married, he needs to take of his family and then age out to commit crimes. And finally, criminology theories. In this paper, I want to discover what kind of relationship between age and crime. What are some main factors that effect the trends. The most appropriate groups of sampling are students and elders. It seems that students are
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