Age Differences Between Harold And Maude

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Fahad Alanzai
Pr. jonathon Quam
Mcom 2213
April, 10, 2016
Harold and Maude To begin with, the film Harold and Maude is about two people of different age groups trying to fit in the society. The main characters, Harold and Maude, meet under different circumstances and they are determined to face life regardless of how cruel it might be. The movie discusses the issue of romance and life in general. Harold and Maude find companionship and love in each other, and although Harold is troubled and wishes to die, his love to Maude makes him stronger, and he is not discouraged by the age difference between them. The two protagonists find pleasure in attending other people’s funerals, and especially Harold who is longing to die. Nevertheless, when
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According to Wallis and Pramaggiore, narrative fiction films are organized by the cause and effect logic of storytelling: they present characters who encounter obstacles as they attempt to achieve their goals. Viewers identify with characters and understand that choices they make, even if they themselves wouldn’t make the same ones (Wallis and Pramaggiore 8). It means that all the struggles Harold and Maude overcome and psychological change that they experience can be easily endured by the viewers as well. On the one hand, one of the major themes in the movie is a change. In the beginning of the film, Harold was obsessed with death as he had attempted to commit several suicides, and even faked his own death. He liked attending other people’s funerals, and this was an indication that he fancied death. After meeting Maude, he approached life at a different perspective; he was ready to change, and embrace everything that life offers him. Change is sometimes inevitable because of some situations that an individual may encounter, and, in this case, Harold’s change was a result of falling in love with Maude (Higgins…show more content…
Characters development is well represented in the film, and this was reached with a help of language and clothes used by actors. For example, as each character wears clothes that suit his life. The director also differentiates the lives of people by using various screenshots and camera rolls, and this is to make a viewer understand the different themes presented (Beach 124). It can be stated that any young person should watch the movie, because the storyline may reflect what the individual may be going through. The movie is an implementation of encouragement for an individual. There are many young people who try to commit suicide, who may not see the essence of living, just like Harold. Adults very often have a problem with judging young generation, and they may try to interfere with their life decisions. Harold faced this problem when every person close to him wanted to advise on how he should live his life, and this shows the major problem with community members. The film supports the idea that people should not complicate their lives, because they are themselves creators of their own
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