Age Discrimination And The Work World Today With Age Diversification

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Are businesses prepared for what is amounting in the work world today with age diversification? All humans in general are healthier thus living longer which means they are working longer periods in the business world. You are starting to hear more and more cases about age discrimination and big businesses are aware of this occurrence. Age discrimination can be the most harmful act to happen to a business. The Age Discrimination Act was passed in 1967; it states all workers who are 40 and older shall not be discriminated in recruitment, hiring, firing, salary, retirement and other practices. (SEC. 623. [Section 4]) Investigating charges and trying to work out solutions is done through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). (SEC. 633a. [Section 15]) Among all the various discrimination cases, age discrimination can be the most potentially damaging to a corporation. Congress has even noticed that age limits are being placed on certain jobs. This is ridiculous! If a person who is older is just as productive as they were why fire them. You can bring in a younger person to learn from the older person and save a lot of time and money because when you bring in a young person you need train them for their job. But if you use your resources and use the older worker you are killing two birds with one stone. I am glad congress knows about this trend and I hope that one day discrimination will not be in existence. Recommendations have been made to congress about
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