Age Discrimination Is A Completely Unlawful Type Of Discrimination

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Age discrimination is a completely unlawful type of discrimination. Due to median age of twenty six in India, it is one of youngest nation in the world. Most managers are hesitant when it comes to hire young blood for their company because in their mind sets it is obvious that this new generation is completely different from them and they will not obey them or follow them blindly. With a constant increase in population, we are seeing high numbers of young people coming out of colleges to enter in their respective field. These young lads are not only well educated but they are also sophisticated, independent, aware of technology and have a limited sense of loyalty for their employers. There are many Indian companies who are aware of this situation, for example; Infosys has a strategic vision for its young employees. They hire young talent on constant basis by selecting them through an entry test which is designed to test the skill sets of each individual. If we have few more companies like this in India then it is assured that discrimination will end soon in Indian workspaces (, 2013). Discrimination based on Caste: From last few years, Indian government has introduced few reserved seats strictly for backward castes. But till now these suggestions are met with stiff resistance from other multinational companies. Overall figures of employment from these backward castes are very low across India but some companies like TCS are now showing some changes in the

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