Age Discrimination Argument Paper

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This lawsuit unfortunately, gives HR and recruiting a bad name. After reading the article I have to admit that I was both appalled, alarmed; however, I wasn’t shocked, though. Unfortunately, discrimination is too common. I definitely believe that the plaintiff has a case based on the presented facts in the article. I think the screening guidelines that the defendant was using created a bias against older individuals. In addition, I think anytime who write on a piece paper “Targeted Candidate” and “Stay Away From” you clearly are creating bias in a process, and in this case, age was affected. The defendant, in my opinion, does not have a case, at all. Although, one ruling cited the timing of the filing as an issue and the company argued…show more content…
And, age discrimination should not exist today. Why should it, does talent expire? However, I believe that age discrimination is everywhere. It might not be easy to recognize because "cultural fit" hides it, as we discussed in two weeks ago in class. Or, it is just two expensive for an individual to pursue legal action. As a hiring manager, it is interesting to me, why an employer is not looking for the best candidate. Recruiting is expensive. Recruiting is expensive and talent management is critical for success. As stated in Armstrong, "The fundamental aim of strategic HRM is to generate strategic capability by ensuring that the organization has the skilled, committed and well-motivated employees it needs to achieve sustained competitive advantage." [© Kogan Page - Armstrong's Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management -]. Therefore, I know that I want to hire an individual that is going to add value to my business unit. Based on my own personal hiring experiences, I have hired candidates that are right out of college to candidates on the other end of the spectrum, and this was their second, third or even out of retirement career. Although, the candidates right out of college were immediately successful there is definitely difference in their approaches to work. The older employees brought many things that I believe are intangibles to the team, which helped influence the younger folks too. I found that the older employees that I hired were exhibited key characteristics that I think any hiring business leader or manager would want on a team. The traits, to name a few
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