Age Doesn 't Affect Parenting Skills

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So many people believe that if you become pregnant while being a teen that your whole life would turn around. That’s wrong because there are both pros and cons of being a teen parent. Having a child while you are young can change your life and make you a better person.
Being raised by a teen parent doesn’t hurt the children, because age doesn’t affect parenting skills, more people help the teen parent raise the child, teen parents have a better chance of being closer to their child. Age doesn’t affect parenting skills because it’s about making the right choices and setting a good example. More people help the teen parent raise the child because the parent is still young, their and school and the way the economy is they need to still settle themselves but they can still make right decisions and take care of their child.
A teenage mother has to grow and develop when her child is born. The same goes for her child. This creates a very special bond between mother and child.
Teen parents have a better chance of being closer to their child because they have a better understanding of what their kid wants and they still have to learn themselves so they can bond together to get a better understanding.
These are things that are being said about teens who are pregnant Less likely to finish high school. “ More likely to…
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