Age Doesn 't Affect Parenting Skills

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So many people believe that if you become pregnant while being a teen that your whole life would turn around. That’s wrong because there are both pros and cons of being a teen parent. Having a child while you are young can change your life and make you a better person. Being raised by a teen parent doesn’t hurt the children, because age doesn’t affect parenting skills, more people help the teen parent raise the child, teen parents have a better chance of being closer to their child. Age doesn’t affect parenting skills because it’s about making the right choices and setting a good example. More people help the teen parent raise the child because the parent is still young, their and school and the way the economy is they need to…show more content…
Nearly all teen pregnancies are unplanned. “ That is, teens say they did not want to get pregnant or cause a pregnancy. That alone is reason enough to care about preventing teen pregnancy. By the time a teenage mother turns thirty or thirty five, she is almost done with parenting. She can focus on her career, hobbies or passion and she can do anything she wants. Young teens have a lot of support, though they live in poverty they have welfare, family, They also still can make it to get a career things aren’t as hard as it seems. They can say that they are more likely to be poor as adults and more likely to have children who have poorer educational, behavioral, and health outcomes over the course of their lives than do kids born to older parents, but that isn’t true at all. Teen pregnancy does not mean that they felt that this part of their life was over in fact most of them were positively realizing they have responsibilities, so they had to get their future career ready. Teenage pregnancy isn’t what the female chooses for their life but it’s also not the end of the year. Everywhere you go now there will be a lot of negativity about teen pregnancy, but there’s also places where you can go and feel support and positivity about your future. It’s good that teens see the Pros and Cons about being a parent
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