Age, Gender And The Level Of Education Are Variables That

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Age, gender and the level of education are variables that predict the possibility of burnout in online adjunct faculty, along with lack of benefits and job security (Mandernach et al., 2014) Several studies have identified variables associated with increased levels of work related burnout. Age, and gender are the most common demographic variables discovered from burnout research and the level of education, lack of benefits and job security also are important demographic variables. Research suggests older employees experience less experiences of burnout than younger employees. Research also suggests burnout may also happen in the latter part of one’s career or that burnout out is not related to age (Merklein, 2014). According to…show more content…
While all research may not be conclusive and similar studies may present opposite results, some suggests the opposite and states that younger employees do not experience more burnout than their older co-workers. In this instance, more experience does not always mean one will be more prepared to handle the pitfalls of the workplace, youth may provide an element that make some able to handle burnout. For example, researchers found no evidence burnout existed among German faculty in any age range and neither did a study of faculty working in higher education in the Netherlands. Finally, Hutchins (2015) found no connection between burnout and work experience. Doyle (2014) found evidence of burnout in older faculty while working on qualitative research focusing on the experiences of community college faculty. Half of the participants were faculty members for 15 years and expressed feelings of burnout as they approached the end of their careers. Researchers also identify financial and benefit issues as reasons why participants felt a feeling of burnout along with a loss of excitement for their career choice. Some also became career changers, seeking other forms of employment due to financial and benefit issues. Earlier findings compared with later studies help to suggest burnout occurs earlier in
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