Age Is Just a Number

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Age is just a Number What is age? Does age define who you are? As a nurse in Long term care for fifteen plus years I have learned to look past the number found in the persons chart. I have learned when I as a caregiver look past that number that represents the date the Elder was born; the Elder too tends to look beyond that number and will follow along leading to experiences one might not think Elders of LTC facilities might still accomplish. Here is what Betty has shared with me about her experiences with aging. I have had the privilege to care for Betty for six years. I have traveled with her to Baltimore Md., Albany, NY, and have shared eight weeks of cake decorating classes with her. The magic number inside Betty’s chart today reads …show more content…
retiring may not be so harmful if the person actively maintains other roles, such as familial roles, recreational roles, volunteer & community roles. * To maintain a positive sense of self the person must substitute new roles for those that are lost because of age. And studies show that the type of activity does matter, just as it does with younger people.

I am the type of person that doesn’t take no for answer very easily. I offered Betty some encouragement and told her we could talk about it tomorrow. Betty must of lost sleep that night thinking about what it would mean to travel across the country again. You see Betty and Albert traveled the world together so to take a trip would be a good thing I thought, or would it? To my surprise when I arrived at Betty’s room the next day she practically had her suitcase packed. (The trip was still a month away) I assured her that I would be there the entire way and we would be just fine. The next month went by with Betty going through several emotions about the trip. Physically Betty was in pretty good shape for 83 or at least that was my perception. Betty has beautiful skin, with very few visible wrinkles of time. She hardly looks the age of 83. Betty and I made the trip and a grand time was had. In the days after our return home I started to see a new spark in Betty. Betty now wanted to go out again on those Friday nights to the VFW. 83 suddenly
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