Age Norms Within The Age

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Age represents the length and duration of someone’s life however; age also comes with an individuals experience and maturity throughout his lifespan. Age norms are considered to be what society believes an individual should act due to their own age. For example, having a job as bus boy at a restaurant would fall under the category of age norms because typically teens are the ones who occupy these kinds of jobs. As opposed to being older, the age norms appropriate for a waiter is someone who is a young adult or older. The difference in age norms in these two jobs is being a waiter justifies you being an adult in comparison to being a bus boy, which people of younger age usually occupy.

Acting your own age signifies the maturity one has. Although from time to time, we find ourselves not acting our age in social situations. For example, the way I behave myself with my friends totally differs from the way I behave with my parents. When I am with my parents I behave in a more formal matter on the other hand, when I hang out with my friends the level of maturity and formality drops enormously. When I am with my friends I feel that I don’t need to act my age because I am comfortable and let loose easier then if I am with my parents. A social situation in where I typically don’t act my age in is at concerts. In reality, concerts are age appropriate for everyone but it’s the way I react to the music and how I let loose that affects my level of maturity to act my age. When, I…
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