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What is it that brings thousands of people to the stadiums and even millions more to the television screens just to watch two teams try to cross an oblong ball across a line? Some would state it is the feeling of the atmosphere you get when you walk into the stadium or the feeling you get watching your favorite team win on a last second play. However, others would say that it is the bone-jarring, jaw-dropping, astonishing hits that get the crowd on its feet. These spectacular hits may cause highlight reels and millions of views on YouTube, but they do have their consequences. Dr. Bennett Omalu, a chief medical examiner of San Joaquin County, California, has done plenty of research about what goes on in the brain when these type of hits occur.…show more content…
There have been discussions about what is consent, how does one determine what consent is in certain situations and so on. As Omalu states in his essay, the usual age of consent is 18 years. That is a huge part of what Omalu talks about when he starts arguing about kids playing football and other high-contact sports. He declares in his essay: "We have a legal age for drinking alcohol; for joining the military; for voting; for smoking; for driving; and for consenting to have sex. We must have the same [age of consent] when it comes to protecting the organ that defines who we are as human beings (Omalu, 2015)." While some would argue there with his statement, he does present a very good case. Parents do not want to be held responsible for what injuries might occur to their child from playing the sport. His argument here could possibly scare some parents and guardians into not letting their children play…show more content…
Omalu has made sense. He just speaks with facts from all the research that he and others like him have discovered. "We are born with a certain number of neurons. We can only lose them; we cannot create new neurons to replenish old or dying ones (Omalu, 2015)." That is one of the statements he makes from his essay that just speak to the types of logic he voices. Repeatedly receiving blows to the head is not safe for everyone, especially a youth. Would it make sense to put a person through that even if they haven't "consented" like Dr. Omalu would point out? To claim that there is no damage left over from concussions or other blows to the head is just absurd. However, people must also look at the other repercussions received by playing a sport such as football. Leadership, hard work, teamwork, companionship and the ability to rally around your peers for a common goal is only some of the benefits received by playing these types of sports. Some would say it's worth it, while some doctors and parents would agree with Dr. Omalu's discoveries and

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