Age Of Expansion

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The Age of Expansion

The age of European expansion and religious wars was a period that brought about both breakdowns and reconstructions of society. Between the period 1450-1580 many civil wars, international wars occurred along with problems of overseas expansion. International and civil wars led to serious problems for several different countries.

To begin, there were several civil wars that took place between the time period of 1450 to 1580, to be specific a war that took place between Catholics and Calvinists. France’s economy could not hold the monarch’s excessively expensive lifestyle. There were two solutions that were supposed to fix this financial problem, however, one led to the rampant war, the Concordat of Bologna, which was an agreement between the monarchs and the Roman Catholic Church which gave the church power of the universal council, and monarchs the right to choose the French bishops. This failed disaster led to unqualified people “earning” the job of bishop, people left the Roman Catholic Church and became Calvinists, on August 24, 1572, St Bartholomew’s Day a massacre occurred that really reached the true breaking point, and launched a full, raging war, the War of the Three Henry’s, which would go on farther than 1580, only ending by the Edict of Nantes.After Charles the V abdicated his seventeen provinces his son became the ruler of Spain, and his brother the Holy Roman Empire. Philip II, Charles the V’s son took away the Netherlands right to make their own laws, imposed taxes on their trading, and prosecuted
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The Habsburg- Valois wars took place between 1494-1559. The Habsburgs were the ruling family of Spain, and the Valois family ruled over France. Spain and France fought for the control of Italy, in which Spain was the victor; the Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis ended the long
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