Age Of Reason And The Scientific Revolution

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Chancellor Cardwell
Mr. Bates
World History Honors
11 March 2015
Age of Reason The Age of Reason took place in Europe from the mid 1500s and ended in the late 1700s. This can be categorized into two different time periods. First, was the Scientific Revolution when many scholars created new ways of thinking about the natural world. The Scientific Revolution ended around the late 1600s. Although this time period was over, common ideas spread to the next period. The second time period in the Age of Reason was the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was when scholars and philosophers started to reevaluate old aspects of society and how it functions. The Age of Reason was made up of science revolutionist and philosophers that tried to find ways to improve political, social, and religious life. Science revolutionist and philosophers were trying to find ways to improve political aspects in Society. The Science Revolutionist improved economics and lead to ideas against monarchs. This period led to more technology thus improving economics. During this time the scientific method was created through the approaches of Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo in experiments. This uniform law led to more experimentation. Scholars and scientist started developing technology to improve scientific knowledge. For example, Gabriel Fahrenheit created the thermometer and Zacharias Janssen created the microscope that allowed more precise measurements for experiments improving scientific…
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